"Robins Egg Blue" Keychain
No, these are not bracelets, but instead keychains. Let's face it, we all carry keys, even it's only a key fob for a vehicle. Why not make them stylish and functional? These are designed to slip over your wrist for those moments when you need your hands, but your keys close by too. You will love this convenience when carrying groceries, shopping bags, or even a child on your hip. And because I use LARGE beads in all the designs, you can easily spot your keys in your handbag, backpack, diaper bag or laptop bag. No more wasted minutes digging for your keys!
One size fits all, however these keychains work best for small or average size wrists/hands.

These keychains are constructed with resin beads purchased through international bead distributors, not your local chain craft store beads. And because they are constructed of durable resin, the entire keychain only weighs a few ounces! 

Robin's Egg Blue